The Wonderful World of Blogging?

“To blog or not to blog, that is the question” as the Bard of Avon might have said had he been around today.

This seems to be the dilemma facing everyone trying to build a following, especially when there is a small business at stake. Having had some success with random and irrelevant Facebook posts, in a purely personal capacity, it has always seemed like a good idea to try and replicate this for PPQ.

However, I just can’t get on with Twitter as a format for this type of stuff (although the character limit does focus your mind on what you actually want to say, it doesn’t work for the type of random rant that I prefer) – so here we are.

With that said – Welcome to my blogging experiment, which will hopefully eventually turn into that modern day superficial means of appeasement that the tagline itself suggests. That is unless life, the universe and everything (and by that I mainly mean writers block and procrastination) doesn’t get in the way first.


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