The Last Roll of the Dice

It was my intention to publish this blog on Wednesday but, as predicted (see The Wonderful World of Blogging?), life got in the way. In some respects that was a bonus, as two blogs in three days would have given me some quite sparse material to write about.

As this blog is called Beer and Quizzes, the results of The Quiz at The Pub:

Beer – Old Leg Over … Quiz – Won

I appreciate this is a very Bridget Jones – esque opening, but at least I don’t have to kill off my Mr Darcy to maintain my readership. This is good as I have neither a Mr Darcy or a readership.

And I’m sure it should be spelt d’Arcy.

On a beer front, Warnie* gave us a taste of a new barrel during the quiz – Blonde Ambition from Samuel Adams. Before anyone sinks into apoplexy at the thought of an American brewery producing an ale – this was brewed by Shepherd Neame under their name. Warnie described it as being malty, biscuity, earthy with hints of grapefruit. At that point it had pretty much nothing going for it, and the taste didn’t disappoint in that area either. As Messers Cpt. America*, Hulk* and Iron Man* have ruined their palettes by the excessive consumption of cooking lager, their general consensus was ‘badger piss’. While this may have been a clever play on the citrus beers produced by Badger Ales, due to the inclusion of ‘earthy grapefruit’, I refer to back to the cooking lager quote and you can accept that it just tastes like badger piss – which one of The Royal Blokes* imbibes in animal urine to know this is somewhere I don’t want to go!

The Quiz was meant to be one of two quizzes this week, however an attempt to gatecrash the Birmingham Legal Society’s annual quiz (and of course win it) fell down because the team from work would have consisted of me, The Seven Year Bitch*, and Cpt. America as a ringer – not really enough, especially as we were envisaging something akin to the lawyers quiz in Bridget Jones 2 (The Edge of Reason), and none of us knows much about Madonna. It also seems that work are giving up quizzing in favour of Bingo. Unfortunately recognising random numbers from a list that is being read out in an ‘amusing’ way provides neither the thrill nor skill to captivate me.

The Quiz itself was a fairly standard and boring this week, with no weird music round to cause dismay. After Perry Como and 90s Reggae rounds, a 1970s (post-Glam, pre-Punk) round is nothing much to complain about – thereby taking half the fun out of it!

However, we did have to name ten of the twelve countries that are alphabetically last. Unfortunately, the source for this was not one of the usual ones – the United Nations (Pointless) or the CIA World Handbook (Sporcle) – but the 2010 Webster’s Almanac instead.

The only thing known about Webster’s is that they produce American Dictionaries (thereby not needing to use the letter U very often) which, like Bing and Bob, are Morocco bound. The really important stuff like “Does Vatican City count?” (Pointless – No, Sporcle – Yes) and “Is Wales a country?” (only if you’re Celtic apparently) caused the usual debate. As we found out, a knowledge of Pacific Island states would also have been useful, although we did manage to get 9 (Amber Nectar* got 10, giving them the maximum 20 points to our 12 – how The Governess* scores these things is for another day and another blog),

This did leave us going into the final round more than 10 points behind Amber Nectar – leading to the usual ‘discussion’ as to whether we gamble (get the last question right, you double your score for the round, get it wrong, you lose everything) or settle for second (as we had a comfortable lead over 3rd place). The last role of the dice was on nicknames for mackerel. The overriding rule is that the person with the pen makes the final decision and basks in shared glory or is personally responsible for failure.

Attentive readers will already know what we did and, when we left The Pub some time later, Amber Nectar were still arguing!

Footnote: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Yemen, Vietnam, Venezuela, Vatican City, Vanuatu, Uzbekistan, Uruguay, USA, UK, UAE. As nobody recognises Western Sahara as a nation, there is no country beginning with W. Yugoslavia ceased to exist in 1995 and Zaire became the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997.

The Wahoo fish (as opposed to the Yahoo fish or the Yippee fish) is a game fish related to the mackerel family – a fact we also didn’t know until after the decision to go for glory.

*see Cast List


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