Friendly Rivalry and Malfunctioning Gaydar

There was no blog last week, mainly due to a lack of real subject matter to write about (this may be a problem going forward). Therefore, I’m writing on a Wednesday this week – sort of an interim blog as it were. So, without further ado, the missing results:

Last week: Quiz – 3rd … Beer – Guinness and Butty Bach

This week: Quiz – 3rd … Beer – Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm is a traditional stout (from Adnams I think), and was only £2.50 a pint because Warnie* wanted to clear space for the Christmas Ales. He’d have done better giving away the barrel of Brew XI that’s been there since the mid 70’s (although rumour has it that there’s a barrel of Double Diamond in the cellar that will eventually be dragged out to replace that!).

I feel at this point in the evolution of the blog I need to talk about Amber Nectar*, who as regular readers will known are The Royal Blokes * closest rivals in The Quiz. Actually we get on quite well with them and they actually don’t moan and complaint half as much as I do (but I am the Grumpy Old Man). However, you can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!

This week we were  joined by Mr and Mrs Nectar (their dog is called Amber, hence the name) who arrived late having just returned from seeing ‘The Rat Pack – Live from Vegas’. Actually this turned out to be three impersonators on stage at the town hall. While this doesn’t sound as impressive, it was still a good night by all accounts.

After an opening salvo of Tom Daley’s sexuality announcement, we were regaled with the reason why Mr and Mrs Nectar go out to gay bars. While this works well for Mrs Nectar (as she doesn’t get chatted up), Mr Nectar finds this really annoying (as he doesn’t get chatted up – giving him a complex that he must be ugly!).

Mrs Nectar then decided to get her Gaydar working, and decided that Parker* was definitely gay. She was disappointed to find he wasn’t  (but probably not as disappointed as his wife would be if she was right), then turned this highly tuned skill on the rest of the team (less Cpt. America* who didn’t come because he was ‘tired after a busy weekend’). There was similar success with everyone else, and it ended up with Mrs Nectar proclaiming that Iron Man* most definitely wasn’t gay. As regular readers again will know (a) Iron Man is an ex-public schoolboy, and (b) had a dubious previous relationship with a former member of 5ive (see blog ‘It was 20 years ago today …’)

I’ll leave it up to you to decide how badly malfunctioning the Gaydar really was.

On the quiz front, we entered the last round 12 points behind the team in first place and 5 points ahead of third – so another gamble question was needed. 8 questions in and we were doing well. Question 9 was a calculation from Celsius to Fahrenheit. On the bright side, I know the formula. On the not so bright side, alcohol impairs my ability to manipulate numbers and (as it happens) to hear everyone telling me the correct answer.

Question 10 (the gamble question) was to name the year in which the first regular Sunday newspaper was published in the UK. The rules of the game are that the person with the pen has the controlling vote and I had the pen. My gut reaction was 1780-something so we went for 1781 (the other choices being 1771 and 1791).

We got questions 9 and 10 wrong, wiped out and came third. Mrs Nectar then pointed out that she’d told me the correct answer for both of the last two questions (true) and we hadn’t gone for it – meaning we lost the quiz. Still, at least it gave her something to moan about!

Finally, I just thought I’d mention The Governesses* cousin (and occasional back-up quiz mistress) who has apparently started reading the blog – remember to click on ‘Follow’ to get automatically advised when a new blog is published.

Footnote: The Celsius to Fahrenheit calculation is divide by 5, multiple by 9 and add 32. Adding an additional 10 for good luck is apparently wrong. The Sunday Observer was first published in 1791. Forget Double Diamond, this is the best beer advert.

Notwithstanding this, I still think that Amber Blokes (or Royal Nectar if you’d prefer) would give The Eggheads a run for their money. Anyone up for it?

*see Cast List


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