Leopard Print Budgie Smugglers

Things are a little bit up in the air at the moment, so this is a sort of double entry blog (in writing the words ‘double entry’ and looking at the picture I’ve chosen, this was probably not the best combination, but push on!). Firstly the results in a ‘New for 2014’ format:

Beer – mainly Guinness, although this week I did half a half Butty Bach-half Okells Olaf because both barrels went while they were pouring the pints

2014 Quiz Results – Royal Blokes: 2 Quizzes, 2 wins (100% win ratio)

This weeks quiz (the second win) was really made for us, with a TV picture round, having to name 10 Eddie Murphy movies (pre-April 09, no sequels) and an 80s audio round (including this “classic”, which is actually a little bit rubbish, but it’s a great mullet).

The interesting quiz was the one the week before, thanks in part to a new team called Gina’s Mexican Hat. They were the team that we swopped our papers with when it came to the answers and we got lots of little comments next to our scores, mainly about how brilliant they though we were, and how much the loved us. Obviously they were very, very drunk  – Rowley Birkin QC drunk. Either that or they knew that Iron Man* was wearing these:


Iron Man is also drinking Beck Blue shandy at the moment. Cutting down on the alcohol consumption is one thing, but there surely can’t be a time when 0.05% ABV is so much that you need to dilute it with lemonade. It must be like drinking Top Deck).

At least Gina’s Mexican Hat was an interesting name, even though Gina didn’t bring the hat. It was better than Quiz Team Aguilera. Now I’m fully aware that there’s probably some law that requires at least one team to call themselves that in every quiz, but it’s not original. At least Quiz Kamara or Quiz Eubank shows some thought, and Quiz My Face/Tits may raise a laugh (and if Dave* is the quizmaster, a lifetime ban). So next time, don’t do it – think up something original. That, or visit @quiznames – they can point you in the direction of ‘Pirates of Ken’s Pants’ or ‘I Wish This Microphone Was A Penis’ (someone will have to try that out on The Governess*).

As this seems to be a more general quiz blog, I’d like to mention the Survey Round that we get on rotation every few weeks. This is always described as ‘like Family Fortunes, but we can’t call it that for copyright purposes’. This has always made me wonder why, as if there’s an expectation that Bob Monkhouse and Max Bygraves will have put in a sneaky team and complain – mind you, if they do fair play (they’ll probably be called ‘Bob and Max Ingraves’, so it’ll be an easy spot). That, and the fact that you’ve just called it Family Fortunes while explaining why it can’t be called Family Fortunes sort of makes it irrelevant anyway.

Finally, The Pub is undergoing a refurb, so will be closed next week – hence no quiz. I knew about the closure because I got a text message (probably from the Brewery, but pretending to be from Warnie*) telling me about it. Now that’s what I call customer service! The fact that there were no pictures on the wall, masking tape on the coving, half the lights missing and a bunch of blokes in overalls turning up at 11pm, putting dust sheets on the tables, was probably a giveaway as well.

Given the sheer volume of rain that’s fallen over the last few weeks, they’d be better turning it into Noah’s Ark.

Footnote:  Eddie Murphy was in 27 films that qualified for the answers, including Raw, but not Delirious. As both are filmed stand up shows (albeit with theatrical releases), then either neither count (not films) or both count (Delirious was not a sequel). The Quiz Mistress is always right, especially when she’s wrong. Les Dennis and Andy Collins were also hosts of Family Fortunes, but neither of them are dead. Finally, Little Fella* is standing as a candidate in the local council election (although you’d be forgiven for thinking he was sitting). I’ll shamelessly plug his election blog – Halesowen Matters – where you can see pictures of him standing by a skip, or standing in a busy road (twice).

*see Cast List


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