The Capital of Portugal

A neglected blog is a bad blog, and I fully realise that my weekly musings have become fortnightly at best of the last month or so. This is not good and I promise to try and write weekly in future. However, this does mean this weeks blog is a double quiz session. The title of the blog is as a result of a promise to Iron Man* and, despite his insistence, it’s not Madrid. However, the results:

Beer – 41 Degree South and Butty Bach. Although we had winnings, I seem to have gone off the Guinness
2014 Quiz Results – Royal Blokes: 5 Quizzes,  4 wins (80% win ratio)
2014 Quiz Results – Other Quizzes: 2 Quizzes, 1 win (50% win ratio)

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the Royal Blokes* have suffered the first loss of 2014, but more about that later. Eddie the Eagle-eyed viewers obviously won’t. (Do you know how hard it is to get a Winter Olympics joke into a blog? At least it gives me the opportunity for the first video and a picture. I just love the way the Polish commentator says his name.)


The first of the two quizzes was also the first in the newly refurbished Pub*. Now I know that a lot of the work done / cost spent in a refurbishment is in the preparation, therefore it’s not visible, but Warnie* spent £200k, had The Pub shut for a week, and pretty much ended up with dim lights, soft furnishings and a bit of nice wallpaper. In the words of the esteemed Elizabethan sea dog Captain Redbeard Rum, it’s now a woman’s pub. This probably explains the team of ladies that sat between us and the TV (now four small tables where there used to be one large one – no longer ideal for  a quiz team, multiple pints and Man Snacks). Iron Man seemed quite enamoured with them, at least initially. Once he saw their, how can I call it, ‘touch-feely’ nature and the matching tattoos (some kind of stylised flower OR giraffe/leopard spots behind the right ear) his ardour was somewhat dampened. Hence the title of the blog.

We had a storming week, pretty much getting everything right, with the exception of the meaning of the word pettifogger. Unlike the second quiz, where we pretty much were behind from the start and stayed there. Even being able to name all 18 teams in the County Championship didn’t help (especially as we only needed the 10 whose names end in -shire). This coming season they should increase the number of teams to 20, thereby allowing both Hobbits and stop motion puppets from the early 70s to play.

I also entered an impromptu Valentine’s Day quiz this week. Only 13 questions, but I won by 3 clear points thanks to my knowledge of prohibition gangsters in 1920s Chicago (the St Valentine’s Day Massacre) and dynastic civil wars (The War of the Roses). Pity is was a week early – the writer must suffer from premature congratulation.

Other reasons why I should blog more often: (a) I have a better chance of remembering what actually happened, resulting in a longer, more interesting blog; and (b) when I review my notes, made on my phone on the night during the quiz (obviously not when The Governess* is asking questions, because that’ll be cheating) I stand a better chance of working out what cryptic clues such as ‘dizzee rascal what’s my name’ referred to.

Finally, I’ve started tweeting a Question of the Day (Monday to Friday only). You can get this by following @QuizMeister.

Here’s looking forward to a better written and more entertaining blog next week.

Footnote: Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards finished last in both the 70m hill and 90m hill at the 1988 Calgary Games, the one where Jamaica also entered a Bobsleigh team. Despite him being referred to the closing speech, the IOC introduced a rule to ensure that hopeless amateurs with no skill could enter the Olympics again. This is actually called the Eddie the Eagle Rule. I suppose you find fame where you can get it. Hopefully I don’t need to explain the Eddie was virtually blind – hence the joke (above). I use the word joke very loosely. A pettifogger is an old word for a lawyer. The two new teams contesting the 2014 Cricket County Championship, if I had my way, would be The Shire and Trumptonshire– I really enjoyed researching this last clip!

*see Cast List


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