Of Mice and Men

The title of this week’s blog has nothing to do with plans going awry, it simply comes from a conversation with Hulk* about the books we read (were forced to read) at school, which we really should read again as adults. Hulk also feels the need to read ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. This whole conversation all spanned from a question about the Japanese mistranslation of ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ (which was published as Angry Raisins) and wondering where the name of that book came from.

This weeks quiz clashed with the England v Costa Rica match. Given England’s abysmal run of results, this was no early finish to work and starting drinking at 5pm either. Even Lucy put away the bikini (see The Beautiful Game) and refused to go out. She opted for an early bath and given the eventual result, I wished I’d joined her. When I left for the pub she was mumbling something about when she expected England to play like Brazil, she didn’t mean Alan Brazil.

Given the disappointing England performance, it was a sober affair at The Quiz on Tuesday (although sober is never the right word to use on these occasions). Anyway – the results:

Beer: Guinness (we had winnings) and Monty Python’s Holy Gr-ale, a beer that is apparently tempered over burning witches. They even served it in a chalice (well, it was actually a Stella pint ‘ladies glass’, but it did the trick). Apparently it also makes the drinker fart in your general direction.
Quiz: While I accept this may be getting a bit boring, it was The Royal Blokes* third consecutive win.

Iron Man* was not with us this week as he was working away in London. Although he claims it’s something to do with supervising a flagship store being fitted out to his design, the smart money was actually on him cruising Soho, trying to relive his glory days in 5ive. Instead, in a break from tradition akin to the shock felt by most golf clubs circa the mid-1980s, he sent an unattached(ish) female to participate in his stead.

After discussion, it has been decided that Mrs Iron Man was not really acceptable so, after discarding both Batgirl and Catwoman, we settled on Black Widow* as her blog name. This was mainly because she’s more Scarlett Johansson that Yvonne Craig or Eartha Kitt. It also means that, on her next visit to The Quiz, Mrs Cpt America will also have to be renamed.

One of the regular rounds penned by The Governesses Dad* is ‘Words and Abbreviations’. While this is essentialy a spelling round, this week there were a few questions on the etymology of certain words (all which had a definate Greek undertone). Luckily Black Widow was the only person in the pub who speaks both Ancient Greek and Latin, which made up for our complete lack of success in the Girls Aloud vs The Saturdays music round, and helped with what was a reasonably comfortable win in the end. This is clearly the benefit of both a classical education and generations of inbreeding. In a separate cross-dressing incident, Cpt America* was wearing an Iron Man T-shirt.

Trouble on the woman front as well this week when I told Lucy that I have something in common with Geoff Boycott. While we both can occupy the crease for hours without scoring (in my case due to a complete lack of talent) this was actually a reference to a Katy Perry obsession.

While obsession may be too strong a word on my part, with Geoff it’s an understatement, although he did get to finally meet her, as predicted by Blowers. While I did point out that it was a compliment ( as you can see physically Lucy and Katy are very similar) she wasn’t having it.


(The eagle eyed reader will clearly be able to see that I also have an Indiana Jones font)

It probably also didn’t help that I also pointed out to Lucy that the Ida Maria also reminds me of her. She told me that if I wanted that to continue, maybe I should listen to Jermaine Stewart more often.

Finally, welcome to my new reader from Saudi Arabia. However, I’m not too sure about the “Lucy Pinder nipple press” Google search that got them to the blog. Anyway, she says she has clamps, but not a press. We use the press to make cider. Also welcome to the new readers from Honduras and Oman, who happened on the blog without the frankly weird sexual reference search terms.

Footnote: The line “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley [often go awry]” comes from the Robert Burns poem ‘To a Mouse’. Between 1961 and 1981 The Cather in the Rye was the most heavily censored book in US schools and public libraries. The phrase ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ was taken from a line in The Battle Hymn of the Republic. After researching and writing this blog, I’m now inspired to read Steinbeck’s Dustbowl Trilogy.
Yvonne Craig played Batgirl in the most excelent 1960s Batman TV series, alongside Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman. Brazil 2014 is the first time that England have gone out in the World Cup group stages since Sweden 1958 – no longer are Scotland the Home Nation who are always on the first plane home. Aditionally, I can never remember if Iron Man was in 5ive, or if they were in him.

I apologise for the subtle reference to Iron Man and 5ive – I’ve been told that the use of the worb ‘bum’ as a transient verb to denote it’s course British slang meaning can be offensive in the modern pc world we live in (do not mistake this for a modern PC World – you will definately get banned for bumming in there!)

*see Cast List



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