Birmingham Grand Prix

Before all you Motorsports enthusiasts get excited, this is not some nostalgic look back at Damon Hill and John Alesi fighting it out on the streets of Britain’s pre-eminent city during the late 1980s, it what was the UKs only street circuit course. Oh No! This is all about the British Quiz Association (betcha didn’t know that existed) October 2014 Quiz Grand Prix, which took place in Birmingham and was wot I went to.

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Anniversary Waltz

It turns out that I’ve now been blogging on and off for a year (more off than on recently, but more of that later). It’s been 1 year 4 days since my inaugural outpouring of general shit hit the interweb – and in that time it’s been read by a whole 6 people – or maybe the same person 6 times, who knows exactly. It’s also been over a month since my last blog, which has had a more respectable, but still piss poor, 29 readers. However, between those two bookends there’s been more good than bad – generally. Continue reading