Anniversary Waltz

It turns out that I’ve now been blogging on and off for a year (more off than on recently, but more of that later). It’s been 1 year 4 days since my inaugural outpouring of general shit hit the interweb – and in that time it’s been read by a whole 6 people – or maybe the same person 6 times, who knows exactly. It’s also been over a month since my last blog, which has had a more respectable, but still piss poor, 29 readers. However, between those two bookends there’s been more good than bad – generally.

Over the last month I’ve been asked “when’s your next blog?” [NB: when reading this in your head, use a high-pitched whinny voice] by, amongst others Cpt. America*, Hulk*, Parker* and The Divine Mr M*. I had sort of intended to blog this coming Sunday, and probably still will. However, The Seven Year Bitch* has started blogging again and, after coming across her latest musings (which you can read here) on MyFaceTube, it sort of inspired me to start early. I also checked out my stats for Beer and Quizzes. Given that I’ve not written any new material for a month, I was surprised to see the following:

Blog Stats

I mean – WFT!?! Why are these people reading my stale jokes on an even staler blog? And is Guam a real country anyway? I just though it was the WWII equivalent of Nam – you know ‘you don’t know what it was like man, you weren’t there’ sort of thing. I mean, it can’t have been that good a battle anyway because John Wayne didn’t do a film about it.

I’ve spent the last month getting my life in order (again) and sorting things out with the sproglets, which is why I haven’t been blogging. I’ve also been writing and re-writing my quizzes now that six pubs are running these on a regular basis, in places as diverse as Peterborough, Bristol and Richmond (the posh one in Surrey, not the ‘grim up North’ Yorkshire version). I’ve also completely redesigned my website (thanks in part to a logo designed by a lovely lady that works for Iron Man*), and now have an instant quiz download facility – check it out here.

Parker has also got himself a new girlfriend and she’s 25+ years younger than he is. I mean, fair play to the man. I mentioned this to Penzance* and she was of the ‘what do they have in common to talk about’ opinion. This must be a woman thing, because I would think a much younger girlfriend would result in more exercise than conversation! I’ve considered trading in Lucy for a younger model (literally), also called Lucy.


I’m not sure if you can tell from just a picture, but they both have a lot in common. Also, like Hulk, I’m quite partial to red hair (let’s call it flame and not ginger). New Lucy also likes to be referred to as Vixen, probably because foxes are ‘flame’ coloured, or something like that. Serious consideration is called for as I’m not sure I have the stamina that Parker clearly has.

If you want to read more of this shit, clicking on the highlighted phrases It’s Quizmas, The Joy of Topless, and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer will take you to my three most read blogs over the last 12-months. After all, half a dozen Belgians and someone from Iraq can’t be wrong. My favourite blog was There’s Something About Terry (#4 in the popularity stakes) and I think that’s worth a read as well.

Finally, the title of this blog is a reference to Status Quo, and not some afternoon tea dance down the Derby & Joan club. I also now have a tweed waistcoat and some pre-Movember facial hair. Pictures probably won’t follow.

Footnote: The John Wayne film being referred to is ‘The Sands of Iwo Jima“, which is actually not a bad film. “The Quiet Man” is obviously better, after all any film with a 20 minute fight scene, where both protagonists go into the pub for a quick pint of Guinness halfway through, has to be worth watching. William Hague is the outgoing MP for Richmond, Yorks, having replaced Leon Brittan in 1989 – who’d have guessed it was a Tory stronghold?

*see Cast List


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