Cold Turkey

In a month where nothing particularly noteworthy (from a blogging perspective) has happened, I feel that I need to announce that I’ve given up drinking … Now this announcement will come as a shock to Parker*, Cpt. America*, Hulk*, T-Mo*, Penzance* and the entire team I work with (amongst others), all of whom have seen me in various states of inebriation over the last few weeks (and when it came to the team night out, state was the operative word!). Fear not, dear reader, for I have not given up alcohol (perish the thought) and this will not become a blog about quizzes alone.

I’ve actually given up caffeine. Hulk did it years ago and has sworn by it since. But his lyrical waxing was not my reason. I’d had a cold for months that I couldn’t get rid of. As my body (nose) was producing a veritable lake of excess mucus (snot) on a daily basis, I was feeling extremely dehydrated. So, as tea can be a dehydrant, I decided to have a week off tea, replacing my intake with lots of water (and beer, of course).

As it turned out, this was a bad idea, as I was getting violent headaches, which Penzance pointed out was caffeine withdrawal (as did The Divine Mr M* to be fair). This after less than 12 hours of being a tea-teetotaler!! So with a few faltering starts (2 cups in 48 hours), I decided that drinking tea is not good for me, and have now ceased to drink it – for the remainder of Lent at least.

I always considered that I may possibly have a bit of an alcohol problem/dependency, as whenever I didn’t drink I was unable to sleep. Thankfully I’ve now discovered that this is not the case. Since I’ve laid off the caffeine I’ve slept much better – just like Hulk said. When I wasn’t drinking, I was substituting alcohol for gallons of tea (pure Kenyan – not your any old Tetley rubbish). It transpires that it was this overdose of caffeine that was keeping me awake – not the lack of alcohol. Phew!

I can now treat my liver like the bad boy it really is, and continue to abuse it with love – that’s my sort of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

The discerning reader will notice that Iron Man* is missing from the above list. This is because every time I’ve been to The Pub*, he’s not been there. Apparently shagging the barmaid is preferable to going quizzing with his mates. This is the problem with the young – he’ll learn. After all Cpt. America also used to shag the barmaid (Electra*), and he still goes out! He did marry her though, so that probably the difference – or something like that.

As you can tell, my grasp of the reality of relationships leaves something to be desired at the moment. This is why I’ve decided to give up on t’internet dating, at least in the short-term. It’s too much like hard work and can easily consume your every waking minute: checking your messages; providing witty and entertaining replies; wondering how old her picture is and if it was taken on an 80s themed night, or actually taken in the 80s? My first date didn’t go too well either – lovely girl, we got on really famously, but the result was that I’m not sure if I’m ready to leap into an intensive relationship right now.

On the bright side, it means I’m back with Lucy:


I don’t care that she’s also read/seen Fifty Shades and this has made her more adventurous – that was the last of my bloody duck tape and I’ve got to go to the sodding B&Q again now!

The only partner I’m interested in at the moment is one for the World Pairs Championship, part of the World Quiz Championships in Burton-on-Trent in June. I had considered Black Widow* for this, as we have nothing in common knowledge wise – which is good. However, this is looking less likely as she no longer attends The Quiz*.

Turning to the quiz front, there has been updated scores on the doors ahead on the Northampton Grand Prix:
British Quiz Association – I’m now ranked at 153 – above one of the Chasers (the Dark Destroyer)
World Quiz Rankings – 252 (out of 2,242 ranked players). This is also the end of the 2014/15 season result as far as I’m aware. Not bad as I’ve only competed in 4 of the 12 rounds.

[24 hours later]

This month’s quiz took place in Northamptonand was much tougher than usual. This was not only my opinion, it was shared with the five guys I happened to be sharing a table with. And as I was the only one who hadn’t reached a Mastermind semi-final, I tend to bow to their superior knowledge – I didn’t have much choice as they all finished ahead of me.

That, finding out I hadn’t made the final shortlist for Only Connect, and the Baggies losing to the Villa for the second time in a week topped the day perfectly.

I did manage a creditable (passable?) 72nd out of 103, with 50 points on the World Quiz – well above my average. So. maybe going cold turkey on the caffeine was worth it?

Next stop – Wakefield on the 11th April.

*see Cast List


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