Rock and Roll and Brew

This is the blog I was planning to write way back in August, I just never got round to it. While it’s also the mating call of the Lesser Spotted Procrastinator, I suppose “better late than never” applies. In fact it applies to most things, with the obvious exception  of Justin Beiber, to whom “better never than late” is clearly the prevailing idiom.

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The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Writer

Every generation has its comedy shows full of lines to be quoted ad infinitum. For the just post-Python generation, that show was Fawlty Towers. Clearly “don’t mention the war” is the runaway winner in that regard.

When I went for an interview at Cpt. America’s* place of work back in 2009, this was also the last tip he gave me – he worked for a German investment bank. However … I did … twice … both of them. Also, at the end, when the interviewer asked me the usual “do you have any questions?” question “Is that an MCC tie you’re wearing” was not something he was expecting. It wasn’t, but it transpired that a lot of people had asked him that in non-interview situations.

I got the job.

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Vikings … and other problems from History

When I was just a lad, I dropped history like a stone at the first possible opportunity – the end of my 3rd year (which is probably the equivalent of year 27, or something like that, in modern education parlance). This turned out to be a strange turn of events as, in subsequent adulthood, history turned out to be one of my favourite subjects. I eventually took up the subject again, gaining a double first from Oxford.

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