Topless: The Sequel

While this blog is not strictly a follow up from the last blog (The Joy of Topless), given the vast time span between the two (and the law of guaranteed diminishing returns on sequels – if you don’t believe me, watch any Police Academy film including and after Assignment Miami Beach) I thought I’d go for a filmic (cinimatic?) headline. I did toy with calling it Topless part II or Topless and the Temple of Nipples, but opted for a somthing fairly mundane. After all, I could have called my first sequel Episode 5: Topless – The Nipples Strike Back, but who would be stupid enough to start a series of anything at No.4? (Side note to Cpt America* – it’s not a great film, it starts ok, has a boring middle section, and a climax that everyone knew was coming anyway).

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