Cast List

The names have been changed to protect the innocent …

… or in this case, probably the guilty.

Although friends, family and colleagues will recognise the people in this blog, the wider public won’t (and everyone would probably like to keep it that way). For that reasons, pseudonyms abound!

The Royal Blokes

Team that contest ‘The Quiz’ at ‘The Pub’ every Tuesday evening. Usually consisting of the Grumpy Old Man (author of this Blog), Cpt. America, Hulk and Iron Man.

Occasional and ex-members also include Black Widow, Ultron, Phoenix, Tubbs, Maurice Moss, Murtaugh, The Milky Bar Kid and Little Fella

Significant Others

TRG – Tattooed Rock Goddess, the latest ex-Mrs Grumps-in-waiting

Amber Nectar, Quiz in Your Pants – Rival Team’s at The Pub

Fork ‘andles, Jean Genie, AJ, The Sparklers – Teams at The Green Dragon quiz

Parker – host of The Green Dragon quiz, now more often than not

Warnie – now ex-Landlord of The Pub

The Governess – current Quiz Mistress at The Pub

The Governess’s Dad – writes the quizzes and has a Jag (please note ‘Jag’ should be said an a Clarkson-esque style only)

Less Significant Others

Big Ron – father to Little Fella and the man with a legendary favourite year

John – former landlord of The Pub, legendary for his inability to pronounce words in the questions wot he wrote

The Seven Year Bitch – work colleague, fellow quizzer and blogger, Northerner

T-Mo, Penzance, Stunni, Eugene, The Grady Twins, Miss Chelmsley Wood 2002, Dirty Beans, Bobs, Dodge – the people I work with Mon-Fri and, yes, it is a Tim/Gareth from The Office type situation, but without the stapler in jelly

The Divine Mr M – regular reader who is otherwise unrelated to the blog

The Engineer, The Mortgage Broker and The Tax Man – drinking buddies and, unlike The Royal Blokes, all substantially older than me


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