I toyed with the idea of calling this blog ‘Exodus’, not only because it’s a great song, but because Paul Newman starred in the film¬†with Cpt America’s* Dad. However, as we weren’t at The Quiz because The Pub was shut, not out of choice, Exile seemed a better bet. This unfortunate event required us to find another pub and another quiz. The Pub is not the nearest watering hole for any of The Royal Blokes*. I live next door to a pub and have to walk past two others to get to the quiz. Hulk* lives a couple of doors away from a pub and Iron Man* opposite one. Only Cpt America can’t stand on his own land and see somewhere selling alcohol. However, if he turns right instead of left when he leaves his road, he also has a nearer pub.



Leopard Print Budgie Smugglers

Things are a little bit up in the air at the moment, so this is a sort of double entry blog (in writing the words ‘double entry’ and looking at the picture I’ve chosen, this was probably not the best combination, but push on!). Firstly the results in a ‘New for 2014’ format:

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