Royal Blokes uber alles

This weeks quiz clashed with the England v Germany match and when the football’s on, the ranks of the Royal Blokes are usually boosted by Maurice and Tubbs – Maurice because Mrs Moss doesn’t want him at home watching the match and having a drink, so he’s banished to the pub; Tubbs because Mrs Tubbs doesn’t want him at home while she’s watching the match and having a drink, so he’s banished to the pub as well. However, it was not the case this week – something is obviously amiss somewhere!

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Pro-Celebrity Pub Quiz

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1,000 channels and nothing on

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This is the second week running I’ve not been to the quiz. This week it was because I was in London. Now, I don’t mind London (probably because I don’t have to live there) and I’ve spent many a night out in pubs dotted around the capital, all going back to the days when I worked for companies based in and around the city itself. And I seem to remember a decent music quiz at The Ten Bells in Whitechapel – a memorable pub for a number of reasons, if not only for the Latin ‘no pissing up the wall’ sign on the church opposite.

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